City Urges Customers with Water to Turn Off Taps as Temperatures Rise Above Freezing

Contact: Hannah Wenninger, City of Natchitoches

Phone: (318) 357-3786






NATCHITOCHES –  The City of Natchitoches needs the help of all water customers that have water at this time. The temperature has risen above freezing, so we are asking you to please turn off your taps and begin to conserve water immediately.

At this time, we are still operating at capacity and have not been able to meet the present demand. There are thousands of customers on the Natchitoches Water System that have not had water in four days. We will not be able to recover without your help.

If you have a leak or notice your neighbor has a leak and cannot shut the water off, call our office at (318)357-3880 and we will assist you in getting it shut off. If you own a business or have not been home since Monday, please make an effort to visit and check for leaks.

Remember, even though you may have or begin to have water in the coming days we are still under a Boil Advisory and will remain under the Boil Advisory until all customers in all parts of our system have stable pressure above 20 psi. Once we reach 20 psi, we will begin to flush the system and after flushing is complete, we will begin sampling and testing through the Louisiana Department of Health Laboratory in Shreveport. When all tests from all parts of our system have passed, then and only then, will we lift the Boil Order.

The City of Natchitoches is not alone in aftermath of the historic low temperatures we have faced this past week. Water systems all across the state are struggling to meet their demands. Please remember, the faster we can ease the overwhelming demand on our water system, the faster we can get back to normal operations.

The City of Natchitoches Utility Department appreciates your patience and assistance in this matter. 


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