City Directory


Phone: 318-352-0994

Animal Shelter

Phone: 318-357-3885

City Hall

Phone: 318-352-2772

Community Development

Phone: 318-357-3838

Fire Department

Phone: 318-357-3860

Garbage Service

Phone: 318-356-0000

Planning & Zoning

Phone: 318-357-3840

Police Department

Phone: 318-352-8101

Police Department
Secretary for Detectives

Phone: 318-352-5609

Programming & Promotions

Phone: 318-357-3822

Public Works

Phone: 318-357-3876


Phone: 318-357-3872


Phone: 318-357-3891

Tax Commission

Phone: 318-357-0622

Utility Bills

Phone: 318-357-3844

Utility Office - Power Outages

Phone: 318-357-3850

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