Sanitation & Recycling City of Natchitoches


Sanitation services are provided to City of Natchitoches Utility customers through Waste Connections Bayou. Household waste is collected once a week in green carts provided by the City of Natchitoches. In addition, limbs and recycling are collected on that same day.

The City of Natchitoches offers its garbage customers “back door service,” meaning that garbage carts are rolled to the street by Waste Connections Bayou employees. Once your cart has been emptied, a Waste Connections Bayou employee will place your cart back to its original location.

Garbage rates are $22.70 per month for residential customers and $38.00 a month for commercial customers. Garbage rates are included on customers’ monthly utility bills from the City of Natchitoches. To sign up for garbage service, please call the City of Natchitoches Utility Service Center at (318) 357-3843.

Questions or concerns about garbage collection may be directed to Progressive Waste Solutions at (318) 356-0000.


The City of Natchitoches offers its residents and small businesses a citywide, drop off recycling program. The Natchitoches Recycling Center is located at 110 Mill Street and is accessible to the public during the Public Works Department’s operating hours Monday – Friday from 6:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and special hours on Saturday from 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.  

Questions or concerns about recycling may also be directed to Waste Connections Bayou at (318) 356-0000.

Frequently Asked Questions about Natchitoches Recycling

What can be recycled?


Paper- Newspaper, Corrugated boxes, Cardboard, Magazines, Mail, Junk Mail, Office Paper, Shopping Catalogs, Cereal Boxes, Food packaging boxes, any paper product that has not come into contact with food waste or restroom trash.

Aluminum Cans- Any Drink cans or Food cans (The cans do not have to be washed out, but we would ask to please wash out any waste food to reduce smell).

Steel Cans- Any Food or Drink cans (The cans do not have to be washed out, but we would ask to please wash out any waste food to reduce smell).

Plastic- Milk jugs, plastic drink bottles, plastic water bottles, detergent jugs, any plastic fruit juice or tea jugs (The plastic jugs/bottles do not have to be washed out, but we would ask to please wash out any waste food to reduce smell).


Paper- No paper that has any food waste or food residue on it. (We want to limit the smell of the recycling by keeping food waste separate and in the regular garbage cart.)

Aluminum- No Aluminum product that has food waste or food residue on it or any aluminum aerosol spray cans 

Steel- No Steel product that has food waste or food residue on it or any steel aerosol spray cans.

Plastic- No plastic packaging material, no plastic bags, plastic toys, or any plastic product that wasn't produced to contain a liquid.
Other items:
Plastic Bags
Food Waste
Bathroom Waste
Yard Waste
Glass Bottles
Furniture or Appliances
Automobile Parts
Garden Hoses
Paint Buckets
Construction Material
Aerosol Spray Cans

Recycle Symbol

It is a great idea to purchase the products that have that recycle symbol. These numbers represent the grade of plastic that they can be reused for in the recycling process. The processing facility has told us that they will accept the plastic containers and they will sort the plastics in their respective grade. We do not have to worry about sorting the different grades of plastics at the house in order to reduce the amount of confusion.

Clean vs. Dirty

Dirty items would be considered any item that has a food waste or food residue or that was used for cleaning purposes or bathroom trash. If the item was used for cleaning purposes or has food waste/residue then the item should be placed in the regular trash cart. You do not have to wash every item, just please wash food waste/residue off of any recycled item to reduce any smell of the recycling load.

Paper Sack for Paper

You may use a paper sack to store materials in the recycling cart. The paper sack is recyclable and is accepted. Plastic garbage bags are not accepted because the processing facility does not want plastic bags or glass due to the maintenance issues from these items on their equipment. The glass and plastic will cause sensor failures and get caught up in the conveyor belts causing breakdowns. It is also a difficult labor process of opening the bags to get the material so it automatically kicks out any plastic bags.


You do not have to remove staples from the paper or magazines.

Waxy Cardboard

We do accept the waxy cardboard milk cartons. There are some items that are very questionable so we ask that if you have any questions concerning the recycling program in Natchitoches please contact (318) 356-0000.

Detergent Bottles

We do accept any detergent bottle, clorox bottle, windex bottle, and any plastic bottle that was produced to contain a liquid. ASlmost all these bottles have that recycle symbol on the bottom and can be recycled.


  • The materials on the NO list from the recycling brochure can be placed in the regular trash cart except for: tires, yard waste and construction material.
  • Tires will need to be disposed of at your local tire store.
  • Yard Waste must be placed at your curb (no vacant lot) and must be less than 4 feet in length and less than 50 pounds per piece.
  • Any construction material must be placed in a commercial dumpster. No construction material will be picked up at the curb and will not be picked up in a trash or recycle cart.
  • Paint buckets may be picked up only after all paint has been solidified. You may mix sand or dirt and let sit out in the sun until it is a complete solid.
  • Batteries, computers and light bulbs are all items that may be recycled at your local electronics store. If there is no facility available then they may be placed in the regular trash cart.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact Progressive Waste Solutions at (318) 356-0000.