Sanitation & Recycling City of Natchitoches


Sanitation services are provided to City of Natchitoches Utility customers through Waste Connections Bayou. Household waste is collected once a week in green carts provided by the City of Natchitoches. In addition, limbs and recycling are collected on that same day.

The City of Natchitoches offers its garbage customers “back door service,” meaning that garbage carts are rolled to the street by Waste Connections Bayou employees. Once your cart has been emptied, a Waste Connections Bayou employee will place your cart back to its original location.

Garbage rates are $22.70 per month for residential customers and $38.00 a month for commercial customers. Garbage rates are included on customers’ monthly utility bills from the City of Natchitoches. To sign up for garbage service, please call the City of Natchitoches Utility Service Center at (318) 357-3843.

Questions or concerns about garbage collection may be directed to Progressive Waste Solutions at (318) 356-0000.



Recycling has been discontinued at time.