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 Tuesday, September 8, 2015, the City will begin switching the treatment system from the super free chlorines back to our systems chloramines. 
The week of September 14, 2015 the Natchitoches Fire Department will begin flushing and testing the fire hydrants for the water system. 


In correlation with the upcoming change in the type of disinfectant used in the Natchitoches Water System, the Utility Department will be flushing the distribution system.
This will aid in the removal any chloramines in the system and also any debris or rust that has been cleaned off the pipes in the process.

The flushing will begin first in the west side of our distribution system, around the bypass and out towards I-49. This will begin late this weekend and run into the early week.
Next we will begin flushing East Natchitoches around the large East Tank and surrounding areas. Finally, we will work the North South and outlying areas of the system.
Flushing is being used to expedite the transition to free chlorine but increased flushing times may be required.

The City of Natchitoches wants to minimize the amount of time that customers experience reduced water quality,
so we have increased monitoring in the system and are working to make this process as thorough and timely as possible.

Water System Contact Number:    318.357.3888  --  318.357.3880  --  318.357.3850

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