Farm To Table: History on a Plate


Aug 17, 2019




6354 LA-485, Robeline, LA 71469

From the archival records we know the Spanish at Los Adaes had yearly struggles with getting their crops to grow in the thick clay soil. Thus, they had to rely on their beef cattle and trade with the neighboring Native and French population to supply them with food. This interdependence led to a blending of cultural foodways.We often look at historic structures or sites to provide us with a connection to a vanishing past, yet we often overlook what appears on our plates which can provide us a connection to our cultural past. This Farm to Table presentation will allow guests to look at heritage crops grown in the region as well as taste their unique flavor in a historical recipe.On Saturday, August 17th at 11AM explore the heritage garden at Los Adaes State Historic Site and learn about what crops were grown as well as meals that were eaten at Los Adaes. During the thirty-minute program, samples of some of the dishes possibly served at Los Adaes will be offered. Guests will get to explore a garden that is growing historic crops which have a different look and taste from their modern relatives. In this age of single agriculture, it is intriguing to learn of the various types and flavors different squashes, beans, peppers, etc. have to offer.