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City of Natchitoches Park Rules

City Park Rules:

  1. No Vulgar Language

  2. No Loud Music

  3. No Pets

  4. No Alcohol

  5. No Smoking in Park

  6. No Practices Without Permission

Highland Park and East Natchitoches Recreation Complex Rules:

  1. No Bicycles                                   

  2. No Alcohol

  3. No Climbing of Fences            

  4. No Profanity

  5. No Soliciting                                

  6. No Pets

  7. No Ice Chests Allowed           

  8. No Outside Food and Drink

  9. No skateboards

  10. Soft toss in designated areas only

  11. All bats & balls must be in ball bags

  12. Warm ups only outside the outfield fences

*Anyone caught breaking these rules will be ejected from the park.


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